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Anne Stewart photo     presenting at Tongues & Grooves, Portsmouth, Romanian UK Tour, 2009

Anne Stewart is a poet and reviewer, and provider of service to poets and poetry organisations. She has judged several poetry competitions and led delegations on working visits to Munich and Bucharest (Ludwig Maximilians University and University of Bucharest).
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Her poetry has won or been placed in several poetry competitions, including winning the Bridport Prize, the Silver Wyvern (Poetry on the Lake, Italy) and the Southport Poetry Prize, and a long-listing (top 130) in the National Poetry Competition. In 2014, she was awarded a Hawthornden Fellowship. Her work has been widely published in poetry magazines and anthologies (to date, in at least one anthology every year since 2005). Her first collection, The Janus Hour was published by Oversteps Books in 2010 and her second, Only Here till Friday, was published by Bibliotheca Universalis (Bucharest) in Eng/Rom in 2015 and in Eng/Sp in 2016. Integral (Bucharest) published her 3rd collection Let It Come to Us All, in Eng/Rom, translations by Prof. Dr. Lidia Viana of the University of Bucharest, in January 2017.
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Recent  events/publications:

2017: the year began with turning in the results of judging for the Barnet Arts poetry competition 2016 and ended with the judging of their 2017 competition. Meantime…
Her short 3rd collection, Let It Come to Us All, Eng/Rom, translated by Prof Dr Lidia Vianu of the University of Bucharest, was published by Integral, with an illustrated version published by Contemporary Literature Press. More here.
In February she took part in a reading and panel discussion, Meet the Editors, with Alwyn Marriage (Oversteps Books) and Jeremy Page (The Frogmore Press), hosted by Peter Phillips, at the Torriano Meeting House, Kentish Town, and in May, she was one of two guest readers at the Second Light Spring Festival, ‘The Other Side’. In July, she read with June English and Geraldine Paine at The Beaney House of Art and Knowledge in Canterbury, organised by Luigi Marchini (host of The Jolly Sailor poetry readings in Canterbury), and in November she read and hosted a Grey Hen Press reading at The Torriano Meeting House in Kentish Town, and ran a day workshop locally on Form and Creativity.
In May, she also led a 2nd poetry pRO delegation to Bucharest, working with students of the Universtiy on their fiction translations into English. The other 5 participants this year were: Wendy French, Joan Michelson, Graham Mummery, Peter Phillips and Maggie Sawkins. All of these poets are listed at the poetry p f website.
Her poems were published in, or accepted for, several journals and anthologies, in print and online: Acumen, The Frogmore Papers, ARTEMISpoetry, and the online poetry magazine, Antiphon, Issue 20, which also features a recording of the poem. Her poem Dancing in the Air, is included in the anthology Fifty Ways to Fly and Tonight I met someone is in the latest Grey Hen Press anthology, Songs for the Unsung.
Anne joined the Poetic Voices project run by Anthony Fisher and Summer Read and 3 poems, read by Anne, are published there – see Anne elsewhere.
Prof Vianu published four follow-up volumes to the poetry pRO delegation visit to the University in April 2016:
      an anthology of work by Romanian poets, translated by the MA students (polishing by the ‘Six British Poets’; two volumes of ‘Diary Notes’, one by members of the delegation, the other by students who toook part; the ‘larger planned volume’, under the title Six English Poets in Bucharest (translation of this by Ioana Ieronim).
All of these are available, in dual-language, as free downloads from Contemporary Literature Press – see Anne elsewhere.
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And, with her Administrator/Participant hat(s) on:
Kent North West Stanza monthly (mostly!) evening meetings: Poetry & discussion, workshopping and so on. 8pm in The Two Doves, 37 Oakley Road, Bromley Common. Dates and more information here.
Shortlands Poetry Circle twice-monthly (mostly!) afternoon meetings: Poetry appreciation group at the Ripley Arts Centre in Bromley. Anne’s three year Presidential term is at an end. This reading group comes highly recommended to anyone who enjoys poetry, whether that includes writing it or not… Events here, More about the Circle here.
May & November Second Light Spring and Autumn Festivals at The Art Workers Guild near Russell Square, London.
August: Second Light’s residential week at Holland House in Worcestershire.
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Photo by Philippa Lawrence, taken when she and Anne were working on Philippa’s pamphlet collection, From Memory’s Wardrobe. Speaking nicely to misbehaving machines works more often than you might think! Or is it the ‘laying on of hands’?
Speaking nicely to the printer, Orpington, 2009

to buy From Memory’s Wardrobe: poetry p f shop online (and type ‘Wardrobe’ into the filter box)

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