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Anne Stewart photo     presenting at Tongues & Grooves, Portsmouth, Romanian UK Tour, 2009

Anne Stewart is a poet and provider of service to poets and poetry organisations. She has judged several poetry competitions, run various workshops including day-workshops on “Form and Creativity” and, as part of Poetry on the Lake festivals organised by Gabriel Griffin in Orta San Giulio, short writing workshops with Italian students. She has led poetry p f delegations on working visits to Universites in Munich and Bucharest.
Her poetry has won or been placed in several poetry competitions, including winning (and shortlistings in) the Bridport Prize, the Silver Wyvern (Poetry on the Lake, Italy) and the Southport Poetry Prize, and a long-listing (top 130) in the National Poetry Competition. In 2014, she was awarded a Hawthornden Fellowship. Her work has been widely published in poetry magazines and anthologies (so far, in at least one anthology in every year since 2005). Her first collection, The Janus Hour was published by Oversteps Books in 2010 and her second full UK collection, The Last Parent by Second Light Publications (2019). Order Form or buy online from poetry p f. See Second Light Books for Book Club offer (6 copies for £40 + feedback).
Meantime, 2 small bilingual collections were published in Bucharest: Only Here till Friday (Bibliotheca Universalis/Editura PIM), 25 poems, in English/Romanian in 2015 and in English/Spanish in 2016; in 2017, Let It Come to Us All, 17 poems, in English/Romanian, translations by Prof. Dr. Lidia Viana of the University of Bucharest, was published in print by Integral and in an illustrated online version by Contemporary Literature Press.
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Forthcoming & Recent  events/publications:

Published in 2021 and in hand early this year: World Poetic and Artistic Anthology (Bibliotecha Universalis/Editura Pim), features 27 poets from 11 countries, each poet represented by a handful of poems in their original written language.
The year is already bustling with various projects: the MTTLC MA Programme at the University of Bucharest – translations to and from English are bustling their way to and fro, anthologies are in preparation, and a series of Masterclasses are taking place with UK poets and 1st and 2nd year students at the University (March). The Shortands Poetry Circle – we’ve returned to our pre-pandemic venue, the Ripley Arts Centre, and have been trialling integrated online and live meetings. Second Light is gearing up for another online Spring festival and this year’s residential at Holland House, Worcestershire, and the May issue of ARTEMISpoetry is well underway. More to follow, no doubt…
Saturday 13th November – a reading in Beckenham with Shortlands Poetry Circle’s Writers’ Group to launch our latest anthology, the rainbow comes and goes. The anthology celebrates the Circle’s 10th anniversary of their Centenary
… it’s also one of several I’ve found my way into this year: Locked Down (Poetry Space, ed. Susan Jane Sims), Poems for the Year 2020 (Shoestring Press, ed. Merryn Williams), Lovely, Dark and Deep – poems about woods (Grey Hen Press ‘Landscape’ series, ed. Joy Howard), Earth Days Numbered – 20 poems for the planet (Grey Hen Press ‘Climate Change’ duo, ed. Joy Howard), The Enfield Poets First Anthology (Chela Publishing, eds. Julian Bishop, Mary Duggan, Anthony Fisher; thank you to Enfield Poets for welcoming me as an online member of the group) and Haunted (Poetry on the Lake, ed./selector D M Thomas, Gabriel Griffin). This last was as a result of a long-listing in the ‘Haunted – uncomfortable reading’ poetry and short story competition.
          Locked Down, Poetry Space           Poems for the Year 2020, Shoestring Press           Lovely, Dark and Deep, Grey Hen Press           Earth Days Numbered, Grey Hen Press
          The Enfield Poets, Chela Publishing           the rainbow comes and goes, Buff Press           The Frogmore Papers Number 98           ARTEMISpoetry, Issue 27
There were several long and short-listings and commendations, including a short story in the ‘Haunted’ competition and all three of the poems submitted to the Bridport Prize making it into the “2nd round, top 12%” of entries, and publication in The Frogmore Papers following shortlisting in the poetry competition, and in ARTEMISpoetry (issues 26 and 27); also at Poetry in Palmers Green’s Facebook page in their ‘in lieu of live events’ series of postings. Not seen yet, but soon to be visible, a book’s-worth of poems and short stories have been translated by Romanian student Alina Hodorogea for her MA, as part of the long-running collaboration between the University of Bucharest (Lidia Vianu’s MTTLC programme) and members of poetry p f.
Did I mention it was a very busy year? Most of it has been online or working on design & layout, running/hosting events etc. What a pleasure the few ‘real’ out-and-about events have been. Second Light’s annual residential in August, at Holland House in Cropthorne, complete with croquet on the lawn – even though we had only half our usual number, it was good to be close-up and personal (not too close, of course) for the first time in over a year, with people of like mind and interests, and to share our writing and readings, and have the wonderful Mimi Khalvati as our main tutor, and Jean Atkin as our ‘Mystery Guest’. Fast forward to 10th September, when Ware Poets recommenced live events and invited me to read for them. They are a lovely group and made me very welcome. Thank you, Ware Poets.
The Last Parent, Anne’s 2019 collection, from Second Light Publications, has been very well received. Read sample poems and see comments here.

Please note that Kent North West Stanza meetings are cancelled until further notice; Second Light information is posted/updated at SecondLightLive. The Shortlands Poetry Circle is due to recommence live readings from January 2022.
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Photo by Philippa Lawrence, taken when she and Anne were working on Philippa’s pamphlet collection, From Memory’s Wardrobe. Speaking nicely to misbehaving machines works more often than you might think! Or is it the ‘laying on of hands’?
Speaking nicely to the printer, Orpington, 2009

to buy From Memory’s Wardrobe: poetry p f shop online (and type ‘Wardrobe’ into the filter box)

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Anne Stewart, 20 Clovelly Way, Orpington, Kent, BR6 0WD. UK.
Tel: +44(0) 1689 811394   Mobile: +44(0) 7850 537489    Skype: annestewart.poetrypf
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